Our focus - digital transformation of the industries

Industries - Financial institutions

Financial Institutions

Today financial institutions are challenged to establish reliable digital environments, deliver the best customer experience and comply with the changing regulatory requirements. PACKET MECCANICA provides omni-channel solutions for establishing flexible infrastructures that connect physical and digital channels and offer a personalized customer experience.

Our solutions include mobile and internet banking, terminal and card management, digital enablement and tokenization for card issuers to manage all types of EMV and mobile payment tokens.

We can easily expand any financial self-service channel, by offering a wide variety of payment options for customers: self-service terminals, mobile phone, Internet, ATM and a virtual office. PACKET MECCANICA focuses on a seamless integration of software and hardware to reduce costs, increase efficiency and deliver a user-centric model that identifies a customer notwithstanding the device used.

We implement proven solutions for optimizing business models and enhancing operating efficiencies.

Industries - Processors


PACKET MECCANICA partners with all types of processors and transaction systems to help them adapt to the evolving payments ecosystem, improve efficiencies and generate new revenue opportunities.

We offer a new generation transaction management platform that can support financial and non-financial operations, allowing to work with any type of messages in one system. The versatility of the solution allows for an easy system scalability that fulfills the new market demands or institutional regulations (VISA, MC, EMV, PCI, etc.) without the need to deploy new applications and systems.

Transaction processing engine supports on-line and off-line operations, manages both transaction originating channels (POS, ATM, kiosk, call center etc.) and payment networks (Visa, Mastercard, AMEX, etc.). Platform can be deployed as a PSP (payment gateway), device driver (ATM, POS, kiosk, virtual office), a converter protocol or as a comprehensive authorization system.

The platform is an open system that uses industry standards and protocols. It is flexible, scalable and easily configurable system with GUI-interface and has a high load-carrying capacity.

PACKET MECCANICA provide full card management and digital payment services for financial institutions, third party processors and national switches and support the entire process of authorizing and managing payment and VAS transactions.


Public sector

PACKET MECCANICA supports and enables the public-sector digitization journey with efficient and secure solutions. Our products and services for the public sector range from mobile ticketing to complete smart city solutions.

We advance the next generation of transit ticketing and secure AFC systems based on cloud-based ticketing. We cover all three areas where the cloud has the biggest impact on fare collection: identification, fare calculation and payment.

PACKET MECCANICA transit solutions enable the rapid introduction of new payment methods, adherence to new payment networks or schemes and business flows as well as integration with new partners. We offer transit authorities and agencies the ability to address changing market needs, introduce real-time payment schemes, comply with the numerous regulatory and technology demands in the most efficient and cost-effective manner.

The digital transformation in the public sector is ushering in a new approach to transacting, interacting, and communicating with citizens and businesses.

PACKET MECCANICA solutions maximize IT staff and budget, improve security and interoperability.